Rocco Daniele


Do you move for work?

Yes, we do it! We love traveling! in reality, we are more inspired when we photograph in new places. Wherever you decide to tie yourself, we are ready and willing to be there with you.

To avoid the risk of travel delays, we will arrive the morning before the wedding day and leave the next morning. This also allows us to explore your venue before the wedding day. In general, our customers simply include us in the room with the wedding guest.

We deliver your wedding photos in 3/5 months.

First we will upload all the images in an online gallery with a private password on this website, after processing the album and having your confirmation we will deliver the album in one month.

You’ll get 600 to over 1000 wedding picture, depending on the package chosen. We give you the best of the best.

We make sure that all the important moments are present and beautifully modified. We put so much love into our work to give you the best possibile photos.

To officially book, when signing the contract we ask for 30% of the potal amount. You can pay online with PayPal or pay by bank transfer.

The remaing balance, therefore, 70% is due 15 days before the wedding day. PayPal card payment are accepted with a 4% commission.

Who first signs, first will have booked with us. As soon as the 30% payment has been paid and the contract is signed, your date is officially insured.

We are not the Photographers you are looking for if you want someone to take photos from a distance.

We like to have fun with you, we also love dancing with you and your guest.

We will remind you to relax and have fun while everything else runs fast.

We will encourage you and support you in everything and throughout the day if you need it.

We do our best for every customer. Don’t expect your dress to be bride is absolutely perfect the next day (you won’t use it anymore).

We can go hiking, explore, because we want to make sure you have the best from your wedding day.

We know you’ve spent a lot of time and love planning every little detail.

We work hard for our customers.

We give you every thing when we are with you.

We will help vendors if you need them, or with timelines in planning, or getting food for your wedding.

We car about your wedding or photo session.

We take care of you as a person.

We take care you as a couple.

We want to see you bright and smiling when we see each other at your wedding, and we want you to do it when he sees your photos.

But if you love and connect with our work and believe that we do it for you, please do not let a number prevent you from reaching us. Contact us, tell us about yourself, let us fall in love with your story.

Let us know your budget. We will see what we can do to make you happy. When the will is there, you always find the way.